PowerSchool Google Apps Integration

PowerSchool Google Apps Integration

PowerSchool sync with Google

Automate the process of creating student and staff email accounts in Google apps. With the PureData integration module, you can:


  • Create student and staff email accounts automatically from PowerSchool – No need for manually creating email accounts.
  • Sync Groups and OU membership such as all students, grade levels, and all staff – Makes it easy for users to send group emails and apply policies.
  • Sync teacher classes and student rosters in Google Classroom – One-way roster sync from PowerSchool to Classroom.

Google App Screenshots:


PowerSchool Managed Email Users

PowerSchool and Google Email Groups and OUs


PowerSchool Managed Email OUs

PowerSchool Google Email OUs

PowerSchool Managed Google Classroom – Teacher’s Classes

Google Classroom - Classes syncs automatically from PowerSchool


PowerSchool Managed Google Classroom – Students Roster

Google Classroom - Roster syncs automatically from PowerSchool


Plugin Pricing

Students <1000 Students >1000 Setup Fee
$149 per month $0.15 per student per month Free



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