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PowerSchool Support

PowerSchool Support

Our Managed PowerSchool support is designed to meet all your needs from ongoing daily support to creating custom forms and features.

Our Services include:

  • Ongoing Help Desk Support– We are committed to respond quickly and completely to  ongoing issues, questions and technical help. Teachers or Admins can simply send us a support ticket and we will take care of it within 12-24 hours.
  • End of Term Support– We provide resources to store grades, run honor roll and setting up rosters.
  • Data Quality: We strive for 100% data quality by proactively monitoring PowerSchool errors such as missing information, roster issues and state related errors.

With Managed PowerSchool Services from PureData, you can:

  • Easily Budget your software expenses – We provide an all-inclusive, flat-rate for our software services, which allows you to set a fixed budget. This prevents fluctuations in spending that could very well disrupt your entire financial plan.
  • Predictable support services – You can plan service changes in advance, according to convenience and practicality. We can thoughtfully determine the best times to discuss issues with our consultants, implement upgrade cycles, perform system auditing and handle maintenance tasks.
  • Vested Commitment – With managed services from PureData, our sole interest is in ensuring that Powerschool along with it’s data is stable and reliable.
  • Focus on Enhancement – This service allows you, and us, to shift attention from fixing breakdowns to the far more fulfilling, invigorating process of enhancing your SIS capabilities and increasing the value of your student applications.


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