PowerSchool Plugins

PowerSchool Plugins

PowerSchool Behavior Management (PBIS) Plugin

Enhanced PowerSchool log entry feature to allow teachers and admins to create multiple student logs, send email notifications and track consequences. 

  • Log Entry: Create log entries for students for any log type (positive behavior, negative behavior, contact, etc.) – The “Teacher Log Entry” function allows a user to create multiple log entries for multiple students in one location.
  • Referrals: Create a Referral to signal the escalation of a behavior to a dean or administrator – Streamline Referral tracking through open and closed referral reporting.
  • Email Notifications: Send email notifications to the student, guardian, teacher, and dean(s).
  • Consequences: Track and manage consequences – Automatic conversion of negative points to a consequence. 
  • Student Profile:  View all relevant academic, attendance, and behavioral data for a student in one location.
  • Reports: View current and historical log entry data by date, teacher, grade level, student group, and more.




PowerSchool Behavior Log Entry and Dashboard




PowerSchool Attendance Tardy Scan and Dashboard




PowerSchool Attendance & Tardy Scan Plugin

Enables schools to streamline attendance procedures, improve communication with families, and ensure accurate student records directly in PowerSchool. No External application is required.

In a matter of seconds, one scan will:

  • Daily Attendance: Create/update the Daily Attendance records for a student, including the “time in” and “time out.”
  • Meeting Attendance: Create/update the current and missing period(s) attendance records, including the teacher’s comments and meeting Clock In/Out for accurate minutes per class. 
  • Log Entry: Create a log entry with details of the attendance scan.
  • Email Notifications: Send email notifications to the student, parent/guardian, homeroom teacher, and current class period teacher.
  • Consequences: Track and manage scaffolded consequences.
  • Tardy Slip: Print a tardy slip/pass.





PowerSchool Google Apps Integration

Automate the process of creating and syncing student and staff email accounts in Google apps. With the PureData integration module, you can:

  • Create student and staff email accounts automatically from PowerSchool – No need for manually creating email accounts.
  • Sync Groups and OU membership such as all students, grade levels, and all staff – Makes it easy for users to send group emails and apply policies.
  • Sync teacher classes and student rosters in Google Classroom – One-way roster sync from PowerSchool to Classroom.





PowerSchool sync with Google







Student Early Warning



PowerSchool Students At Risk/Early Warning Dashboard

Empowering school leaders with instant access to current school performance data identifying at-risk students to better help school teams design and implement targeted, time-effective interventions for student success.

Our Early Warning Dashboard supports school leaders to:

  • Increase transparency and share performance and progress data with key stakeholders 
  • Design timely interventions for the specific and unique needs of each student
  • Determine root causes, trends, correlations, or outliers related to school progress
  • Progress monitor and course-correct at any point in time to support school initiatives and programming
  • Involve and invest other key team members in the reflection, analysis, and goal-setting process







PowerSchool Customization

Does your school have unique needs that are not available in PowerSchool? You have landed at just the perfect place. We build custom pages and plugins based on the school’s requirements. Just reach out to us and you will have your own plugin built in no time.