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PowerSchool Customization: Tardy Management

PowerSchool Customization: Tardy Management

PowerSchool Tardy Management


Tardy Management plugin designed 100% in PowerSchool allows schools capture a record of tardy, update attendance codes, take actions like assigning discipline and print tardy pass, all within PowerSchool. Not only will your school save a ton of time capturing tardy this way, you’ll no longer need to rely on third party applications.

Plugin Features:

  • 100% designed in PowerSchool – No External software sync required.
  • Scan a student ID or enter student names.
  • Creates student logs automatically.
  • Updates attendance codes in current and missing periods.
  • Print a pass.
  • Manage and create consequences.


  • $0.15/student/month

Screenshots and Demo:

Tardy Scan Page

Tardy Scan Page

Behavior Tracking Page

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