New! Workflow Automation At Your Service With Trello’s Butler Power-Up

New! Workflow Automation At Your Service With Trello’s Butler Power-Up

Today we are excited to introduce built-in workflow automation in Trello with the Butler Power-Up.

Say goodbye to the tedious clicks and endless card drags of yesteryear, and say hello to custom automations, rules, scheduled commands, and so much more! Consider Butler to be the robo-sidekick for your team’s productivity, allowing you to create a seamless process for any task or workflow at the board or card level.

Plus, Butler doesn’t require some fancy degree in coding. Automations are easily created using natural language, so it’s like productivity Mad Libs. Simply go through Butler’s command building window and select what you would like Butler to do, and it will do it all for you without your having to write a line of code.

Best of all, Butler is available to all Trello users (requires an open Power-Up slot for free and Gold users) and is included in Business Class and Enterprise with even more advanced features and automation capabilities. To learn more about the Butler features that come with your Trello account, check out this handy help document.

Add The Butler Power-Up

With the Butler Power-Up enabled on your board, simply click the Butler icon in the board menu, then “Edit Power-Up Settings,” and begin giving your board butler things to do. Since there are infinite ways to use Butler’s superpowers, we’ve provided a few examples. 

Play By The Rules (Trust Us!)

Imagine this: You’ve finished your latest project, you wipe the sweat off your brow, you drag a card to Done, and *instantly* the remaining checklist items are marked complete, the due date is marked complete, and you are removed from the card—all without you having to do a thing.

Setting automatic rules with Butler

Rules will automatically react to actions on your boards like magic and operate across the entire board for all members. Plus, they can be built to handle a lot of complex actions and bring an automated process to your boards.

For instance, if you are on a Sales team and have a contract that needs review by Legal, you can set up a rule so that whenever a card is moved into the “Legal Review” list, your legal review process checklist is added to the card with a due date for 2 days from then, and have it assigned to your team’s lawyer.

Trello Butler Rule Setup

Setting up a rule is as simple as filling in the fields for what you’d like to happen when a specific action or trigger takes place. For instance, in my initial example a trigger would be set for when a card is moved into the “Done” list by anyone on the board. Then establish the actions that would automatically occur when that action is triggered:

  • Mark the due date as complete
  • Check all the items in all the checklists on the card
  • Remove all the members from the card.

Triggers can be set for a variety of actions including:

  • When cards are added, moved, or archived
  • Labels, attachments, members, and votes are added to cards
  • Due dates are added, marked complete, or included in card names
  • Actions are taken on checklists or checklists are added to cards
  • Comments and card description updates
  • When Custom Field data is entered, updated, set, etc.

When a trigger is activated some of the possible actions could be:

  • Moving, archiving, or copying cards
  • Adding or removing labels, attachments, and more
  • Setting, changing, or updating due dates
  • Adding, completing, or resetting checklists
  • Joining, subscribing, and adding/removing members from cards
  • Renaming cards, editing descriptions, adding comments
  • Modifying, adding, or removing Custom Field data
  • Sorting lists by a variety of criteria
  • Interacting with related cards
  • Sending emails (available with Business Class, Enterprise, and Gold)
  • Gets, posts, and puts to URLs (available with Business Class, Enterprise, and Gold)
  • And so much more!

Honestly, it is amazing to simply dig around and see what Butler can do to tackle almost any request you send its way.

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