Lucky Number 13: New Features to Trello Enterprise

Lucky Number 13: New Features to Trello Enterprise

Work teams in Trello come in different shapes and sizes. Whether working to grow an itty bitty startup or as part of the Fortune 500, companies all over the world look to Trello as their go-to productivity tool to collaborate better with teammates and get more done each day.  

With Trello Enterprise, we’re reimagining what Enterprise software can do for large organizations without feeling like an Enterprise tool. A truly horizontal solution that can be adapted to any team’s workflow with over 100+ integrations to top work tools—Trello Enterprise is the perfect antidote to status meetings, endless email chains, and siloed work with a fun, visual way.

More than just a project management tool or a task tracker, Trello Enterprise can be the backbone to any organization’s productivity as a knowledge base management systemmeeting agendagoal planner, and more! Trello Enterprise’s flexibility empowers HR, Marketing, and Engineering teams alike to manage their workflows, their way. For admins, its advanced security features and organization-wide content controls make it easy to manage large teams and lots of content.

That’s why we’re excited to go through all 13 (!) of the new organizational-wide features to Trello Enterprise that redefine what it means to enjoy doing work with the enterprise-grade software and security organizations expect.

Here’s an overview of what we’ve shipped in the last six months—let’s dive in!

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