A Change To Trello Teams, Automation With Butler, Map View, And 13 Enterprise Features

A Change To Trello Teams, Automation With Butler, Map View, And 13 Enterprise Features

Teams use Trello all over the world to manage projects and accomplish great things. People use Trello to grow their companies, shape the classroom, and even run governments. The Trello team is proud to watch Trello impact millions of people’s lives, and we’ve been laser focused on building a product that’s both super easy to use, and customizable for teams of any size.

Today we’re excited to share that over one million Teams globally are actively using Trello. They’re taking advantage of Trello’s world class mobile apps, integrating their boards by using the over 100 available Power-Ups, and bringing joy to work with features like emoji reactions. They’re also building team specific workflows with custom fields, making boards their own with fun board backgrounds, and relying on Trello to be there when they need it. And with 99.99% uptime in 2018, Trello has been there through thick and thin.

As we look to the future, we’re doubling down on making Trello the go-to tool for managing projects at work. According to a recent survey, over 70% people come to Trello to solve a problem at work, and we’re excited to launch new features today to make Trello even more powerful for teams.

To enable this investment in teamwork, we’re introducing a change to Teams in Trello.

Teams In Trello

In Trello, anyone can create a “Team” to easily organize boards and members that are collaborating together. Teams in Trello can be free, part of Business Class, or Trello Enterprise. Free Teams can be upgraded to Business Class and Enterprise to access more features that make collaboration in Trello more powerful. Trello offers Business Class for teams of up to 100 people, and Enterprise for larger teams.

Teams in Trello

Starting today, free Teams in Trello can have up to 10 open boards, and can upgrade to Business Class or Enterprise for unlimited boards. Existing free Teams with more than 10 open boards will continue to have access to those boards, but will need to upgrade to Business Class to add more boards to the Team.

To help ease into this change, until May 1, 2019, existing free Teams can add up to 10 additional boards without upgrading to Business Class. To get more information about this change, please check out our help docs.

All Trello users can still create unlimited boards, lists, and cards. This change only applies to boards within free Teams in Trello, and has no impact on boards outside of free Teams. 

We’re making this change to accelerate our ability to bring world class business features to market, and Trello Business Class and Enterprise will get more useful and powerful to address our customers’ pain points in the workplace. 

One of the areas we’re most interested in is how to help teams work smarter and more efficiently. This is why we’re so excited about bringing automation to Trello via the Butler Power-Up.

Hello Robots! Butler Automation is Now Available For All

Teams can now tap into the power of automation in Trello with the Butler Power-Up, now live for all Trello users. Let’s face it, inefficiencies get multiplied when team members have to do the same repetitive tasks. It’s tasks like these that Butler automates. With Butler built-in to Trello, anyone can create simple natural language commands to make work auto-magically happen on their boards, saving tons of time and bringing process to any team’s workflow.

Butler power-up in Trello

Here are just a few things that Butler can do:

  • Set Rule Automation – Users can set rules that react to actions on boards, like when a card is moved to Done, Butler can automatically mark the due date complete, complete any outstanding checklist items, and leave a comment telling your boss how awesome you are.
  • Card Buttons For Multiple Actions – Custom card buttons can perform tasks when clicked, like move the card to the next list, add a checklist, and a due date for 3 days from now.
  • Board Buttons For Better Boards – Board buttons can be added to execute tasks across an entire board, like move all overdue cards to the top of each list, add a red label, and leave a comment on those cards that says “What’s the status of this card?”
  • Scheduled Commands (only available for Gold, Business Class, and Enterprise) can organize, clean up, and update boards at a set date and time.

Go ahead and unleash Butler’s powerful automation today. Business Class and Enterprise teams can enjoy Butler as a part of their unlimited Power-Ups, while free and Gold Trello accounts will require an available Power-Up slot on their boards. Learn more about Butler here, and sign up for our upcoming webinar on April 4, 2019  or April 23rd, 2019 for a more in-depth look at what Butler has to offer.

Lucky Number 13: New Features For Trello Enterprise

On Trello Enterprise, Trello teams operate independently but can easily collaborate with other Trello teams within their company. To make it even easier to securely share content, we’ve increased our investment in thirteen organizational-wide features that give companies the ability to control how their users display and share information in Trello.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new features we’ve added with many more updates to come.

  • Welcome to ‘Organization’ Station – We’ve added a new level of visibility above ‘Team’ and below ‘Public’ called ‘Organization’ to make it easier for teams to securely share content within an Enterprise. For our admins, they’ll enjoy new Organization-Wide Permissions that override individual team settings like user invites, team membership, board settings, and more!
  • Public Board Management – Admins can now specify whether teams have the ability to create Public boards, giving companies peace of mind that sensitive information won’t be made public. They can do so individually and in bulk, seeing which boards are public within the Enterprise.
  • Power-Up Administration and Attachment Restrictions– Organizations can specify which Power-Ups can be added to boards within the Enterprise and restrict the sources from which users can upload attachments.

We couldn’t fit all the new updates to Trello Enterprise here, that’s why we wrote an entire blog post about it!

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