Few ways we help you use data more effectively

PowerSchool Plugins

We help streamline your data capturing, record keeping, and reporting processes with our custom plugins, integrated completely within PowerSchool and according to your specific school needs in areas such as attendance, behavior, and more.


PowerSchool Support and Customization

We support and manage PowerSchool needs from ongoing support to creating custom forms and features to get the most out of your Student Information System.


Application Integration

PureData provides integration tools and services to manage student applications efficiently by automating accounts creation, emails and rosters to save you time and energy.


K-12 School Dashboards

We connect all your data in one secured place and add beautiful, interactive dashboards to spot trends, make data instantly actionable and create a data driven environment.


About Us

Our History, the Problems & Solutions


Since its inception in 2011, PureData has focused on providing PowerSchool support to K-12 schools and Pearson ISV partners. After realizing the power of data in decision making and increased demand for assessing student learning we created a complete model to help schools simplify blended learning and create a data-driven environment.

The Problem

K-12 districts collect an enormous amount of student data. Educators now recognize that data can inform decisions that improve student outcomes, but few are equipped to make sense of data in a timely manner. Efforts to be “data-driven” require expensive software, time-consuming setup, and extensive training. The resulting reports, which are often complex and outdated, fail to provide the information needed for daily decision-making.

The Solution

PureData is a data insights service for K-12 educators. It is the only education solution available that provides end to end data management services to K-12. PureData combines tools to capture, integrate and store data to provide actionable insights into student and school performance.


Our Trusted Clients

PureData improve the quality of data collection and create insights for you. Your schools are than better equipped to reveal a path....for the students…for the future.. for the greater good!

Making K-12 Data Management Simple

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